Why Choose Under Floor Heating?

Under floor heating is a maintence free heating solution for any area in your home.
From heating in your bathroom to help reduce mold and mildew, to living areas and bedrooms that make your winter cosy.
Warmth at your feet:    Under floor heating keeps the heat where you need it - at your feet and not your head, eliminating the need for slippery socks or slippers

Draft free:   Cold drafts are eliminated as under floor heating systems work at much lower termperatures and generate warmth where it's needed and not at the ceiling. Conventional heating systems cause large amounts of constantly rising and falling air which causes drafts and dust circulation

Reduced dust:   Without circulating air in your living spaces, dust circulation is greatly reduced which makes it perfect for families with allergies

Maintenance free:   No filters to wash and clean and no parts to dust, under floor heating is a completely maintenance free solution

Completely invisible:   The ultimate in 'clutter-free' heating options, under floor heating is controlled by a sleek, modern thermostat

So if you're looking for a comfortable, evenly distributed temperature throughout your home, under floor heating is the solution for you

Types of under floor heating

We install several different under floor heating systems which suit most applications. These include
Please note: For rooms which are to be carpeted (such as a bedroom), the efficiency of the floor heating may be slightly reduced due to the thickness of the underlay being used. The heating cable will need to be installed either in the slab, or in a screed. If you're unsure, please give us a call to discuss your options

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