Frequently Asked Heated Towel Rail Questions

Following are the most commonly asked questions about heated towel rails. If your question isn't answered below, please don't hesitate to email us or call and discuss with one of our friendly staff who'd be only too happy to help.
1How hot do the towel rails get?
The temperature of our heated towel rails can vary depending on bathroom temperature and if they are operated with or without a towel. A folded towel will generally hold the heat and therefore the bars will be warmer than when operated without a towel. In general they should be hot enough to dry and warm the towels, but not too hot to cause any issues. As a guide they should get to around 50-60 degrees Celsius.
2How long will delivery take?
With local stock held in most states, deliver to metro stores should only take on average 1-3 business days, country stores may take a day or two longer depending on location and day/time of order.
3How long is the cable?
The cable is approx. 1.2m long, but can be cut short or lengthened by the installing electrician.
4Where can they be positioned in the bathroom?
All Radiant Towel Rails are rated IPX5, when hard wired, which is one of the highest ratings available for heated towel rails in Australia/New Zealand. This means the towel rail is protected against water jets from any direction. IPX5 rating generally allows installation in very close proximity to the bath or shower when ‘hard wired’ (including above the bath) as long as they are wired to a switch which is positioned in ‘Zone 3’ as determined by the AS/NZS wiring regulations. As bathroom designs vary greatly and as with any electrical appliance, please always ask your builder to consult the current version of the AS/NZS wiring regulations to confirm the exact position allowable.
5What are the wiring options?
Our towel rails can be plugged into a GPO/Powerpoint, or hard wired to a standard switch or timer switch. They can also be wired back to the light/fan switch plate as long as they are connected to the power circuit.
6Which side does the wire come from?
All of our heated towel rails are avilable with the wiring on the LEFT or RIGHT side (bottom). The towel rails can be inverted if the connection is preferable at the top and this in no way affects the warranty. Please note that the wiring position is fixed and cannot be changed so it is important to order the correct side if the electrician has already done the ‘pre-wiring’ for the towel rail.
7How do you hide the cable?
All of our towel rails come with a standard moulded plug for ‘soft wiring’ and also a separate ‘5th leg’ for concealment of the cable when ‘hard wired’. This fifth leg attaches to the towel rail and sits flush against the wall (without fixing) making installation very straight forward. As the concealed fixing sits directly behind the vertical bar it is barely noticeable and therefore does not affect the aesthetic.
8How high off the floor should they be mounted?
Generally about 600mm from the floor
9How much do they cost to run?
The wattages of our current range vary between 65W and 130W, so depending on the electricity tariff, they should cost on average between 1-3 cents per hour to operate.
10Are the towel rails thermostatically controlled?
No. Our towel rails have a fixed wattage which is not variable. Although the towel rails are designed to run continuously, if you wish to control the timing or heat output from the towel rail, it is possible to connect to our Standard Touch Screen Timer, our Variable Power Touchscreen Timer, or even to a dimmer switch and control the heat output.

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