Frequently Asked Floor Heating Questions

Following are our most frequently asked questions regarding underfloor heating, timer controls. If you have a question that isn’t addressed below, please call or email one of our friendly staff who would be only too happy to help you with your enquiry.
1Do you only install floor heating or can we buy it as a kit?
Sydney Floorheating supply and install floor heating to most areas of Australia. We also supply all of our systems in ‘kit form’ for people to arrange their own installation.
You can also purchase a DIY kit from our shop.
Please note that all electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician.
2What types of electric underfloor heating do you install?
We have several different electric underfloor heating systems to suit most applications including:
  • In-Slab for new builds and extensions – essential for polished / burnished concrete floors or for carpet and solid timber. In-slab heating is ideal for use with ‘off-peak’ power and smart meters.
  • In-Screed systems – recommended for most bathrooms where a screen is being installed. Also suitable for living areas that are being screeded prior to laying stone and porcelain tiles.
  • Under-Tile system – This is our thinnest cable or mat system, ideal where no screed is being done. Can be covered with a thin levelling compound and in some cases tiled over directly, but this often depends on the area, the type of tiles and your tiler.

You can find more information on the different types of under floor heating options here.
3How do I control the floor heating temperature?
The temperature of the floor heating is controlled by a thermostat which is fitted off by a licensed electrician.
All the floor heating thermostats we supply have very accurate temperature control, and most models allow you to select between floor temperature OR air temperature.
They're also very easy to program for ‘set & forget’ comfort.
4How long should I leave the floor heating on for?
This depends on your lifestyle and desired temperatures. Generally heating between 3 to 4 hours a day is sufficient to give you adequate comfort levels. Our thermostats have timers built in so you can set the times to suit your requirements. Times of operation will also be influenced by the type of system and if you have an ‘off-peak’ meter. Please refer to the operating instructions for our recommentations and futher information.
5How much does it cost to run electric underfloor heating?
The average cost to heat a bathroom is about $4 to $5 per day, based on it running for approximately 6 hours per day. Costs will of course vary due to size to heat and running time per day.
Our Floor Heating Running Costs page has further detailed information
6Do your installations and DIY floorheating kits have a warranty?
Yes. We offer a 10 year warranty on the heating cables/mats and 2 year warranty on the thermostats.
7Does floor heating also heat the room?
Yes, floor heating will add heat to the room and the radiant heat from the floor gently heats the space around it. In many cases, especially if most of the floor is heated, this will be the only source of heating you'll need. However please check with us if you're unsure prior to your installation. If you choose to only heat small sections of a room or the centre of the room, then this is unlikely to provide ‘full heating’.
8Does floor heating cause any problems to the tiles or floor covering?
No – Floor heating is designed to run at relatively low temperatures of 22-28 degress Celcius and this temperature will not cause any issues for tiles or stone flooring. If you have a timber floor you should seek guidance from the floor supplier to ensure that their maximum recommended temperature (often 25-26 degrees) is not exceeded.
9Can I have floor heating in a room which is to be carpeted?
To have floor heating in a room which is to be carpeted, such as a bedroom, you will need to have the heating cable installed either in the slab, or in a screed. Dependant on the thickness of the underlay, some of the heat may be insulated and so the effiency of the floor heating may be slightly reduced in carpeted areas. As carpet is not a cold surface to touch, it will not radiate heat well. If you'd like to discuss this further with us, please don't hesitate to contact us
10What happens if the floor heating gets damaged?
The floor heating cable is extremely durable, however accidents do happen. In this event, the damaged cable can be located and repaired. We have a specialist technician who is able to locate the break in the cable via infrared ray which then allows us (or your builder) to expose the cable and have us repair it. We always endeavour and recommend photos of the install to be taken so you always know where the cables are
11How much does underfloor heating cost to install?
The average cost to install floor heating in a bathroom starts at $720. This includes supply and installation of the floor heating cable and supply of a programmable, standard digital thermostat. You will need to arrange for a licenced electrician for the pre-wiring and final fit off. See our PDF for electrical requirements for electricians. For larger areas such as living areas and bedrooms, supply and installation can range from $50 to $85 per sqm, depending upon the type of system you require and how large the area is. We offer obligation free quotes on installations or you can purchase a DIY kit for you or your builder to install.

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