In-Slab Under Floor Heating

In-slab heating is the most popular choice for new homes and extensions where a new concrete slab is being poured. It's used on the 'off-peak' power supply to keep running costs down.

The concrete slab is heated up at night and heat dissipates throughout the day making it a cost-effective heating solution. Installation is simple and takes place as soon as the reinforcing mesh is down (usually the day before the concrete pour)

Advantages of in-slab heating include:
• Low cost - usually the cheapest type of underfloor heating to install
• Suitable for most floor coverings including polished concrete, stone and tiles, carpet and many direct stick wood floors
• Can be zoned to independent rooms in your home
• Off peak or peak power

Approx $40 - $50* per square metre plus $175 per electronic programmable timer / thermostat with floor sensing probe.

* Prices are an estimate only. For a detailed quote for your project, please drop us an email or call.

Where off peak or smart meters are available, in-slab systems can be connected to reduced rate night time electricity. When the under floor heating is operated overnight with off-peak power it's possible to keep your home warm 24/7 throughout the winter at a reasonable cost

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