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DIY Kit – Under Tile Mat for Bathrooms 200w m2
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DIY Kit – Inslab Cable
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DIY Kit – Under Tile Mat for Large Areas 150w m2


These mats are ideal for installation under tiles or stone in large areas such as living rooms and other open plan areas. They have a self-adhesive backing, making them very quick and easy to install. All mats are 50cm wide.

This system is used when no sand and cement screed is being installed and the tiles are being directly ‘stuck’ to the floor surface.

Manufactured to the highest standards, our mats use our 3mm twin core cable with built-in earth.

Typical room coverage, allowing for a gap around the edge of the room is about 80% of the actual floor area.

All prices quoted include GST, floor heating mat, floor heating sensor, cable alarm, high tack cloth tape, standard electronic programmable thermostat and detailed installation instructions.

Want to check out the installation instructions first?


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Each under tile mat kit contains

  • Floor Heating Cable attached to an adhesive mat (10 year cable warranty)
  • Standard Touch screen Thermostat (2 year warranty)
  • Floor Heating Sensor
  • Cable Alarm
  • High Tack Woven Cloth Tape
  • Detailed Installation Instructions

Standard touch screen thermostats can be upgraded to either a glass front or dual thermostat / timer for a small additional cost.

Thermostats are available in horizontal or vertical orientations